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Monday, November 06, 2006

Let's Get Whacked!

Ding - Ding (15"x17" wood assemblage with epoxy topcoat)

As in, ding-ding! I think we have a winner! You know how a parrot in striped pajamas shows up for the party? This is about those "tarded" mental experiences. We'll just leave it at that.

Fragmented Memory of a Dream About a Tank Running Into A Science Fiction Theatre (22"x22" wooden assemblage , acrylic, pencil, and polyurethane)

All the text in this piece is my own rambling about something I just found out that puzzled me alot. To read it all go to Pixie's post.

(a close up of the previous piece)

Predators of Destruction (14"x13" wood assemblage)

This is one of my very favorites! I named it "Predators of Destruction" just to be ridiculous.

Bagpipes and Snails (37"x24" wooden assemblage with polyurethane)
It reads, "A beautiful musical chaos that sounds like snails in the air." That's what I think of when I hear bagpipes and bugle corps. As a former marching band nerd, I'm mesmerized to see these groups march in parades.

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Pixie said...

You are an incredibly cute nerd you know! Love you baby!