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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ready to Swallow a Circus?

I've been very busy in efforts to churn out some very colorful and fun art of all sizes and prices. Lately, I've been on a carnivalesque kick full of clowns and stripes. I'm finding that some people find intrigue in the creepiness of clowns and I'm doing my best to exploit that. I'll probally push my clown tangent for quite a while so stay tuned.
Also, I'm more than happy to answer any questions about my art. Selling and exposure is my main purpose for even having this blog. This is basically my website that I have control of on a daily basis without having to pay for it. This keeps my overhead down which, in turn, (drumroll...) Keeps prices down! I've always considered myself a budget friendly artist interested in sharing the warmth opposed to squeezing out the most money I possibly can. Thanks for your interest and believe me, there's so much more to come!

Variations on a Theme (23"X 21.5"wooden assemblage) . Be sure to get a close up of this one. You've Been Kidnapped by Clowns (8"X9 platform wooden assemblage)
My Very Own Twin Clowns Just Gave Birth to Me (7.5"x7" platform assemblage)
Here's a display of the group on my wall. And yes, they can be sold separatley.
and here's a side view of the platform assemblages. They're painted on all four sides.

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