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Sunday, November 05, 2006

More to See

Duplication (29"x29" wooden assemblage with acrylic, pencil, and epoxy topcoat

For me this was about duplicating the same pattern over and over to show how there are still differences even when I'm trying to copy myself. In this piece I think the differences make itfun to study and the duplication make it flow.

Perpetual Motion (15"x8" wooden assemblage with epoxy topcoat)
This is about something I often ponder concerning the personality and its constant changes. Here I'm looking at the personality as a fluctuating and fragile state that is effected by seen and unseen forces.


Just Me said...

Hey just letting you know I have linked you on my blog. I saw you linked me already. Try Technorati it will increase visitors to your site.

Anonymous said...

Hey HP! Your site is a hoot! the text helps me get at your work. The one about the predators of destruction....they're Clowns, right? I should have shown you a drawing I did a while back called the Tootsie-Roll Man. Kinda invokes a feeling of alarm. But the thing about clowns is, we should be alarmed. Elizabeth